Interview with Giuseppe Paternò: OpenStack for business

Interview with Giuseppe Paternò: OpenStack for businessOpenStack is an open source cloud platform but what about its application in the real business? How does it work with security and development? We have interviewed Giuseppe Paternò for the answer.

According to Forrest Reserch,Giuseppe Paternò aka “Gippa” is among the thirty most important OpenStack’s consultants in the world. He is indeed an IT Architect and Security Expert with an interesting background in the open source field. He is currently one of the candidates for the OpenStack’s board and he is one of the best open source influencers.

Giuseppe Paternò works for the most famous italian and foreign companies in the telecommunications, government and finance industries.

As Seeweb, we are very interested in the OpenStack’s world, indeed we took part in conferences such as OpenStack Summit and above all we use the platform to create clusters of dedicated servers.

On the occasion of the elections for the 2016 Board of Directors that will be held on January 9, our Marco Cristofanilli, Seeweb’s SystemAdmin and open source and OpenStack expert, had the opportunity to ask some questions to Giuseppe Paternò.


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