The CISPE Code: interview with Francisco Mingorance

Seeweb and other Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (“CISPE”) have published a Data Protection Code of Conduct

All the Cloud Providers adhering to the CISPE Code are listed on a public register, so that anyone can easily verify which companies are engaged in processing and storing data exclusively within the european territories, with the prohibition on the use of customers’ personal data for their own benefit or the sale of such data to third parties.

We have interviewed Francisco Mingorance, Counselor at Europa Insights, to get a better undestanding of the CISPE project and its goals.

Francisco, why the idea of creating a CISPE Code of Conduct?

To be ahead of the game and answer the questions of our cloud customers.

As the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) creating new rules strengthening citizens’ fundamental rights in the digital age enters into force next year, cloud computing infrastructure providers should be preparing themselves to meet the challenges this new regulations with regards to the flow of data through the internet and data protection.

All cloud infrastructure providers signing up to the CISPE Code of Conduct today are committed to taking proactive measures to meet citizens’ concerns, ahead of the new regulations. 90% of European citizens, according to the polls released by the European Commission, are concerned over the protection of their personal data.

CISPE members understand this need and are taking the matter in our own hands.


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